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Friday, February 20, 2009

Living Single is Friends before Friends was Friends

Yeah, so you have the same structure. I think even the same city. But you have three women living together, two male friends next door. You have the somewhat ditzy, good hearted friend, the hard working responsible one, the kind of rich/slutty one, you had the goofy guy who wasn't good with the ladies, you had the ladies man.

Now, with the lawyer friend Max you have a kind of anomaly. You could say she's Ross. We, I guess you should say that. High education, good ass job, intense, kind of crazy.

You had the same storylines, (two friends hooking up, throughout the show run, big 'are they aren't they' thing)...

Both survived, but one got a horrible death when it shouldn't have, the other lived on for ten years. Why is it? Was it too brown for people to relate too? Naw...

No idea what happened.

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